allergyshotsThe Allergy & Asthma Clinic of Central Texas is a corporation with offices in Round Rock, Georgetown, Killeen, and South Austin. It is the goal of our clinic physicians and staff to provide our patients with the highest quality of medical care available in order to achieve optimal health for each individual.

Our clinics are equipped and trained to evaluate and treat asthma, COPD, allergic skin disease (hives, eczema, or abnormal swelling of the hands, feet, lips or eyes), latex allergies, allergy related headaches/migraines, drug allergies, chronic cough, stinging insect allergies, food allergies, and allergy related sinus disease.

Since Central Texas is known as the “Allergy Capital of the World”, most people living in this area deal with some degree of allergy symptoms. Our office provides allergy skin testing, which identifies the particular allergens that an individual reacts to. Proper medications may be sufficient treatment to control symptoms in some people. Allergy shots, or immunotherapy is available for those whose allergies are severe enough to trigger complications such as repeated sinus infections, asthma exacerbations, disrupted sleep patterns, or decreased quality of life in any way.

Our physicians are committed to the advancement of medicine through research. Each clinic supports a complete research facility, fully staffed and equipped to conduct clinical research trials. Opportunities for people to participate in these trials are available by contacting the clinic.